How Long Does It Take To Put Scaffolding Up?

If you’re seeking the services of a scaffolder, you might be wondering how long it takes to put scaffolding up. The erection times can vary, depending on the structure you’re working on. Let’s take a closer look at the variables that might change how long it takes to install and take down.

The Industry Standard For Scaffolding Erection

There isn’t really an industry standard as such, but there is an average. The average timeframe is for scaffolding to be put up in anywhere between two and forty-eight hours. That’s not to say that this will always be the case, but most projects will sit within that timeframe. There are many variables that can change how long it will take. Read on to find out more.

Ease Of Access

Scaffolding is comprised of robust, heavy materials. They need to be transported from the truck to the area it’s been erected on, and then put together. If it’s not very easy to move the required materials from A to B, it will inevitably take longer before work can begin. On the other hand, if access is straightforward, it can be put up much more quickly.

The Intended Works

Scaffolding comes in a few different formats, and each one will be used for a different purpose. If you’re just looking to touch up your exterior paint, the scaffolding required for this might be a lot quicker to install than if you were to carry out extensive construction works.

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Size Of The Construction Area

Whether the property is big or small can be irrelevant. If you’re undertaking a small amount of work on one or two stories of a large building, the scaffolding probably won’t take very long to put up. However, if you’re doing extensive work around the entire perimeter of a small property on multiple levels, it could take much longer.


Some properties may require approval and a permit before work can begin. This can delay works by quite some time. Listed properties nearly always need permission to have works done, so it’s best to apply for a permit sooner rather than later. A responsible scaffolder won’t let any work commence before ensuring all the correct permissions have been granted.

For Scaffolding, Choose Access

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