Scaffolding Health and Safety

We place the health and safety of the public and our employees at the centre of everything we do. So, we always make sure that we adhere to the set H&S regulations. Our erectors take every precaution to operate safely at height and have the skills, training and experience required to provide effective solutions.

Ensuring Scaffolds are Safe and Secure

When working on temporary structures, for our team, property occupants and the general public, dangers can include unexpected slips and falling items. We take all available measures to minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring and improve safety. Our team carry out risk assessments and site surveys prior to erecting scaffolding and dismantling it. We make sure that our team are equipped with the right PPE, and supply and fit various safety features. Furthermore, we advise all our customers to adhere to our safety guidelines and provide appropriate security equipment and signage where necessary.

Scaffold Legislation and Direction

We ensure to fully adhere to the most up to date regulations, such as:


This regulation observes best practice, making sure that suitable materials and approaches are adopted.


Focusing on reducing the likelihood of falls, the correct approach to working at heights and maintaining a safe environment. 

We commit ourselves to making sure that our scaffolding, and the areas surrounding, are safe, not only for our staff but for anyone working on, or in close proximity to our scaffolds. If you would like to discover how we make sure our work conforms to best practice, then get in touch with us.

Call To Discuss Our Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding Health and Safety

Get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss how we meet scaffolding health and safety regulations. We are dedicated to ensuring safe and secure solutions, as the wellbeing of our staff and the public is our priority.

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